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Parents, are you worn down by morning-rush madness, food fights, bedtime challenges, homework meltdowns, dawdling, whining, or other child-like behavior?

Do you find yourself using threats, bribes or a raised voice, though you swore you never would?

Are you committed to raising your children to become respectful, ethical adults, but
wondering how?

Are you wondering how to get your kids to LISTEN?

Julie King's warmth, compassion and humor are an inspiration. I learned much more than simply a bunch of useful tricks and tools, though she is chock-full of them, too. Julie helped me think about how to talk respectfully and stay connected with my kids, even when they are driving me crazy!


Holly, mother of two.
"How To Talk So Kids Will Listen" workshop graduate.

Normal, capable adults are often surprised by how quickly they can be reduced to angry,
frustrated puffballs by people too young to drive a car -- or tie their own shoes!

We weren't meant to go it alone when it comes to parenting kids. Now you don't have to.
Hi, I'm Julie King and since 1995 I've been
working with parents who want stronger, more joyful relationships and fewer conflicts with their children. Now you can learn better ways to.

develop closeness with your children,
engage their cooperation,
reduce sibling rivalry
discipline with respect, and
help your children develop a strong

sense of integrity and their own worth

Whether you just need a few tips and tricks, or are serious about making profound changes in the way you relate and raise your children, you've come to the right place. I offer:

Telephone Consultations -- call from anyplace, at a time that works for you!
Workshops -- offered to the public throughout the Bay Area, or sponsor one yourself.
Support Groups -- especially helpful for workshop "graduates."
Dynamic Lecture/Presentations -- for schools, Mothers Clubs, church or synagogue

groups, you name it!

Browse my website to learn more about what I have to offer. When you are ready, I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,


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